phoenix_title wx.LogNull

This class allows you to temporarily suspend logging.

All calls to the log functions during the life time of an object of this class are just ignored.

In particular, it can be used to suppress the log messages given by wxWidgets itself but it should be noted that it is rarely the best way to cope with this problem as all log messages are suppressed, even if they indicate a completely different error than the one the programmer wanted to suppress.

For instance, the example of the overview:

# There will normally be a log message if a non-existent file is
# loaded into a wx.Bitmap.  It can be suppressed with wx.LogNull
noLog = wx.LogNull()
bmp = wx.Bitmap('bogus.png')
# when noLog is destroyed the old log sink is restored
del noLog

would be better written as:

# Don't try to load the image if it doesn't exist. This avoids the
# log messages without blocking all the others.
if os.path.exists('bogus.png'):
    bmp = wx.Bitmap('bogus.png')
  # ... do something else here...

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Suspends logging.



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class wx.LogNull(object)

Possible constructors:


This class allows you to temporarily suspend logging.



Suspends logging.


__exit__(self, exc_type, exc_val, exc_tb)