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phoenix_title wx.TranslationsLoader

Abstraction of translations discovery and loading.

This interface makes it possible to override wxWidgets’ default catalogs loading mechanism and load MO files from locations other than the filesystem (e.g. embed them in executable).

Implementations must implement the LoadCatalog method.

New in version 2.9.1.

See also

wx.FileTranslationsLoader, ResourceTranslationsLoader

class_hierarchy Class Hierarchy

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sub_classes Known Subclasses

wx.FileTranslationsLoader, ResourceTranslationsLoader

method_summary Methods Summary

__init__ Trivial default constructor.
GetAvailableTranslations Implements wx.Translations.GetAvailableTranslations .
LoadCatalog Called to load requested catalog.

api Class API

class wx.TranslationsLoader(object)

Possible constructors:


Abstraction of translations discovery and loading.



Trivial default constructor.

GetAvailableTranslations(self, domain)

Implements wx.Translations.GetAvailableTranslations .

Parameters:domain (string) –
Return type:list of strings

LoadCatalog(self, domain, lang)

Called to load requested catalog.

If the catalog is found, LoadCatalog should create MsgCatalog instance with its data and return it. The caller will take ownership of the catalog.

  • domain (string) – Domain to load.
  • lang (string) – Language to look for. This is “canonical name” (see wx.Locale.GetCanonicalName ), i.e. ISO 639 code, possibly combined with country code or additional modifiers (e.g. “fr”, “en_GB” or “ca@valencia”).
Return type:



Loaded catalog or None on failure.