phoenix_title wx.Window.ChildrenRepositioningGuard

Helper for ensuring EndRepositioningChildren is called correctly.

This class wraps the calls to BeginRepositioningChildren and EndRepositioningChildren by performing the former in its constructor and the latter in its destructor if, and only if, the first call returned True. This is the simplest way to call these methods and if this class is created as a local variable, it also ensures that EndRepositioningChildren is correctly called (or not) on scope exit, so its use instead of calling these methods manually is highly recommended.

New in version 2.9.5.

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Constructor calls wx.Window.BeginRepositioningChildren .

api Class API

class wx.Window.ChildrenRepositioningGuard(object)

Possible constructors:


Helper for ensuring EndRepositioningChildren() is called correctly.


__init__(self, win)

Constructor calls wx.Window.BeginRepositioningChildren .


win (wx.Window) – The window to call BeginRepositioningChildren on. If it is None, nothing is done.