phoenix_title wx.aui.AuiNotebookEvent

This class is used by the events generated by wx.aui.AuiNotebook.


events Events Emitted by this Class

Handlers bound for the following event types will receive a wx.aui.AuiNotebookEvent parameter.

  • EVT_AUINOTEBOOK_PAGE_CLOSE: A page is about to be closed. Processes a wxEVT_AUINOTEBOOK_PAGE_CLOSE event.

  • EVT_AUINOTEBOOK_PAGE_CLOSED(winid, fn): A page has been closed. Processes a wxEVT_AUINOTEBOOK_PAGE_CLOSED event.

  • EVT_AUINOTEBOOK_PAGE_CHANGED: The page selection was changed. Processes a wxEVT_AUINOTEBOOK_PAGE_CHANGED event.

  • EVT_AUINOTEBOOK_PAGE_CHANGING: The page selection is about to be changed. Processes a wxEVT_AUINOTEBOOK_PAGE_CHANGING event. This event can be vetoed.

  • EVT_AUINOTEBOOK_BUTTON: The window list button has been pressed. Processes a wxEVT_AUINOTEBOOK_BUTTON event.

  • EVT_AUINOTEBOOK_BEGIN_DRAG: Dragging is about to begin. Processes a wxEVT_AUINOTEBOOK_BEGIN_DRAG event.

  • EVT_AUINOTEBOOK_END_DRAG: Dragging has ended. Processes a wxEVT_AUINOTEBOOK_END_DRAG event.

  • EVT_AUINOTEBOOK_DRAG_MOTION: Emitted during a drag and drop operation. Processes a wxEVT_AUINOTEBOOK_DRAG_MOTION event.

  • EVT_AUINOTEBOOK_ALLOW_DND: Whether to allow a tab to be dropped. Processes a wxEVT_AUINOTEBOOK_ALLOW_DND event. This event must be specially allowed.

  • EVT_AUINOTEBOOK_DRAG_DONE(winid, fn): Notify that the tab has been dragged. Processes a wxEVT_AUINOTEBOOK_DRAG_DONE event.

  • EVT_AUINOTEBOOK_TAB_MIDDLE_DOWN(winid, fn): The middle mouse button is pressed on a tab. Processes a wxEVT_AUINOTEBOOK_TAB_MIDDLE_DOWN event.

  • EVT_AUINOTEBOOK_TAB_MIDDLE_UP(winid, fn): The middle mouse button is released on a tab. Processes a wxEVT_AUINOTEBOOK_TAB_MIDDLE_UP event.

  • EVT_AUINOTEBOOK_TAB_RIGHT_DOWN(winid, fn): The right mouse button is pressed on a tab. Processes a wxEVT_AUINOTEBOOK_TAB_RIGHT_DOWN event.

  • EVT_AUINOTEBOOK_TAB_RIGHT_UP(winid, fn): The right mouse button is released on a tab. Processes a wxEVT_AUINOTEBOOK_TAB_RIGHT_UP event.

  • EVT_AUINOTEBOOK_BG_DCLICK(winid, fn): Double clicked on the tabs background area. Processes a wxEVT_AUINOTEBOOK_BG_DCLICK event. ^^

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api Class API

class wx.aui.AuiNotebookEvent(BookCtrlEvent)

Possible constructors:

AuiNotebookEvent(command_type=wxEVT_NULL, win_id=0)

This class is used by the events generated by AuiNotebook.


__init__(self, command_type=wxEVT_NULL, win_id=0)


  • command_type (wx.EventType) –

  • win_id (int) –

Return type