phoenix_title wx.dataview.DataViewBitmapRenderer

This class is used by wx.dataview.DataViewCtrl to render bitmaps.

This renderer accepts Variant objects storing wx.Bitmap, wx.Icon or wx.BitmapBundle inside them, with the latter being preferred as it allows the renderer to automatically select the bitmap of the best matching size depending on the current DPI.

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The constructor.


Returns the Variant type used with this renderer.

api Class API

class wx.dataview.DataViewBitmapRenderer(DataViewRenderer)

Possible constructors:

                       (), mode=DATAVIEW_CELL_INERT, align=DVR_DEFAULT_ALIGNMENT)

This class is used by DataViewCtrl to render bitmaps.


__init__(self, varianttype=DataViewBitmapRenderer.GetDefaultType(), mode=DATAVIEW_CELL_INERT, align=DVR_DEFAULT_ALIGNMENT)

The constructor.


static GetDefaultType()

Returns the Variant type used with this renderer.

Note that the value returned by this function has changed from “wxBitmap” to “wxBitmapBundle” in wxWidgets 3.1.7, however the exact value shouldn’t matter, as it is only supposed to be used as the value for the first constructor argument.

Return type


New in version 4.1/wxWidgets-3.1.0.