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phoenix_title wx.dataview.DataViewItem

wx.dataview.DataViewItem is a small opaque class that represents an item in a wx.dataview.DataViewCtrl in a persistent way, i.e.

independent of the position of the item in the control or changes to its contents.

It must hold a unique ID of type void in its only field and can be converted to and from it.

If the ID is None the wx.dataview.DataViewItem is invalid and wx.dataview.DataViewItem.IsOk will return False which used in many places in the API of wx.dataview.DataViewCtrl to indicate that e.g. no item was found. An ID of None is also used to indicate the invisible root. Examples for this are wx.dataview.DataViewModel.GetParent and wx.dataview.DataViewModel.GetChildren .

class_hierarchy Class Hierarchy

Inheritance diagram for class DataViewItem:

method_summary Methods Summary

__init__ Constructor.
GetID Returns the ID.
IsOk Returns True if the ID is not None.

property_summary Properties Summary

ID See GetID

api Class API

class wx.dataview.DataViewItem(object)

Possible constructors:




DataViewItem is a small opaque class that represents an item in a DataViewCtrl in a persistent way, i.e.


__init__(self, *args, **kw)


overload Overloaded Implementations:

__init__ (self)

__init__ (self, item)

Parameters:item (wx.dataview.DataViewItem) –

__init__ (self, id)



Returns the ID.


Returns True if the ID is not None.

Return type:bool

Return type:int

__eq__(self, other)
Return type:bool

Return type:long

__ne__(self, other)
Return type:bool

Return type:int



See GetID