phoenix_title wx.grid.GridCellDateEditor

Grid cell editor for dates.

Uses wx.adv.DatePickerCtrl as actual edit control.

New in version 4.1/wxWidgets-3.1.3.

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Date editor constructor.


End editing the cell.

api Class API

class wx.grid.GridCellDateEditor(GridCellEditor)

Possible constructors:


Grid cell editor for dates.


__init__(self, format="")

Date editor constructor.


format (string) – Optional format for the date displayed in the associated cell. By default, the locale-specific date format (“%x”) is assumed. You would typically want to specify the same format as the one used with the cell renderer, if a non-default one is used. Note that this parameter is only available since wxWidgets 3.1.5.

EndEdit(self, row, col, grid, oldval)

End editing the cell.

This function must check if the current value of the editing cell is valid and different from the original value in its string form. If not then simply return None. If it has changed then this method should save the new value so that ApplyEdit can apply it later and the string representation of the new value should be returned.

Notice that this method shoiuld not modify the grid as the change could still be vetoed.