phoenix_title wx.grid.GridSizesInfo

wx.grid.GridSizesInfo stores information about sizes of all wx.grid.Grid rows or columns.

It assumes that most of the rows or columns (which are both called elements here as the difference between them doesn’t matter at this class level) have the default size and so stores it separately. And it uses a HashMap to store the sizes of all elements which have the non-default size.

This structure is particularly useful for serializing the sizes of all wx.grid.Grid elements at once.

class_hierarchy Class Hierarchy

Inheritance diagram for class GridSizesInfo:

method_summary Methods Summary


Default constructor.


Get the element size.

property_summary Properties Summary


A public C++ attribute of type int. Default size.

api Class API

class wx.grid.GridSizesInfo(object)

Possible constructors:


GridSizesInfo(defSize, allSizes)

GridSizesInfo stores information about sizes of all Grid rows or columns.


__init__(self, *args, **kw)

overload Overloaded Implementations:

__init__ (self)

Default constructor.

m_sizeDefault and m_customSizes must be initialized later.

__init__ (self, defSize, allSizes)


This constructor is used by wx.grid.Grid.GetRowSizes and GetColSizes() methods. User code will usually use the default constructor instead.

  • defSize (int) – The default element size.

  • allSizes (list of integers) – Array containing the sizes of all elements, including those which have the default size.

GetSize(self, pos)

Get the element size.


pos – The index of the element.

Return type



The size for this element, using m_customSizes if pos is in it or m_sizeDefault otherwise.



A public C++ attribute of type int. Default size.