phoenix_title wx.html.HtmlModalHelp

This class uses wx.html.HtmlHelpController to display help in a modal dialog.

This is useful on platforms such as Mac where if you display help from a modal dialog, the help window must itself be a modal dialog.

Create objects of this class on the stack, for example:

# The help can be browsed during the lifetime of self object when the
# user quits the help, program execution will continue.
help = wx.html.HtmlModalHelp(parent, "help", "My topic")

class_hierarchy Class Hierarchy

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The constructor.

api Class API

class wx.html.HtmlModalHelp(object)

Possible constructors:

HtmlModalHelp(parent, helpFile, topic="",

This class uses HtmlHelpController to display help in a modal dialog.


__init__(self, parent, helpFile, topic="", style=HF_DEFAULT_STYLE|HF_DIALOG|HF_MODAL)

The constructor.

  • parent (wx.Window) – is the parent of the dialog.

  • helpFile (string) – is the HTML help file to show.

  • topic (string) – is an optional topic. If this is empty, the help contents will be shown.

  • style (int) – is a combination of the flags described in the wx.html.HtmlHelpController documentation.