The wx.html2 module includes a widget class and supporting classes that wraps native browser components on the system, therefore providing a fully featured HTML rendering component including the latest HTML, Javascript and CSS standards. Since platform-specific back-ends are used (Microsoft Trident, WebKit webView, etc.) there will be some difference in ability and behaviors, but these classes will minimize those differences as much as possible.

Class Summary


Short Description


This control may be used to render web (HTML / CSS / javascript) documents.


A custom handler for the file scheme which also supports loading from archives.


A navigation event holds information about events associated with wx.html2.WebView objects.


An abstract factory class for creating wx.html2.WebView backends.


A wx.html2.WebView file system handler to support standard wx.FileSystem protocols of the form example:page.htm The handler allows wx.html2.WebView to use wx.FileSystem in a similar fashion to its use with Html.


The base class for handling custom schemes in wx.html2.WebView, for example to allow virtual file system support.


A simple class that contains the URL and title of an element of the history of a wx.html2.WebView.