phoenix_title wx.lib.activexwrapper

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Dynamically construct a new class that derives from wxWindow, the


axw__getattr__(self, attr)

axw__init__(self, parent, ID=-1, pos=wx.DefaultPosition, size=wx.DefaultSize, style=0)


axw_OEB(self, event)

axw_OnSize(self, event)

MakeActiveXClass(CoClass, eventClass=None, eventObj=None)

Dynamically construct a new class that derives from wxWindow, the ActiveX control and the appropriate COM classes. This new class can be used just like the wxWindow class, but will also respond appropriately to the methods and properties of the COM object. If this class, a derived class or a mix-in class has method names that match the COM object’s event names, they will be called automatically.

CoClass – A COM control class from a module generated by from a COM TypeLibrary. Can also accept a CLSID.

eventClass – If given, this class will be added to the set of

base classes that the new class is drived from. It is good for mix-in classes for catching events.

eventObj – If given, this object will be searched for attributes

by the new class’s __getattr__ method, (like a mix-in object.) This is useful if you want to catch COM callbacks in an existing object, (such as the parent window.)