phoenix_title wx.lib.agw.ribbon.art_osx

art_osx is responsible for drawing all the components of the ribbon interface using an AUI-compatible appearance on Mac, because as of now there is no customized version of the ribbon art provider to provide a more or less native look on the Mac platform.


This allows a ribbon bar to have a pluggable look-and-feel, while retaining the same underlying behaviour. As a single art provider is used for all ribbon components, a ribbon bar usually has a consistent (though unique) appearance.

By default, a RibbonBar uses an instance of a class called RibbonDefaultArtProvider, which resolves to RibbonAUIArtProvider, RibbonMSWArtProvider, or RibbonOSXArtProvider - whichever is most appropriate to the current platform. These art providers are all slightly configurable with regard to colours and fonts, but for larger modifications, you can derive from one of these classes, or write a completely new art provider class.

Call RibbonBar.SetArtProvider() to change the art provider being used.

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