phoenix_title wx.lib.agw.ribbon.control

RibbonControl serves as a base class for all controls which share the ribbon charactertics of having a ribbon art provider, and (optionally) non-continous resizing.


Despite what the name may imply, it is not the top-level control for creating a ribbon interface - that is RibbonBar. Ribbon controls often have a region which is “transparent”, and shows the contents of the ribbon page or panel behind it.

If implementing a new ribbon control, then it may be useful to realise that this effect is done by the art provider when painting the background of the control, and hence in the paint handler for the new control, you should call a draw background method on the art provider ( RibbonMSWArtProvider.DrawButtonBarBackground() and RibbonMSWArtProvider.DrawToolBarBackground() typically just redraw what is behind the rectangle being painted) if you want transparent regions.

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Base class for all the Ribbon stuff.