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phoenix_title wx.lib.agw.ribbon.panel

Serves as a container for a group of (ribbon) controls.


A RibbonPanel will typically have panels for children, with the controls for that page placed on the panels. A panel adds a border and label to a group of controls, and can be minimised (either automatically to conserve space, or manually by the user).

Window Styles

This class supports the following window styles:

Window Styles Hex Value Description
RIBBON_PANEL_DEFAULT_STYLE 0x0 Defined as no other flags set.
RIBBON_PANEL_NO_AUTO_MINIMISE 0x1 Prevents the panel from automatically minimising to conserve screen space.
RIBBON_PANEL_EXT_BUTTON 0x8 Causes an extension button to be shown in the panel’s chrome (if the bar in which it is contained has RIBBON_BAR_SHOW_PANEL_EXT_BUTTONS set). The behaviour of this button is application controlled, but typically will show an extended drop-down menu relating to the panel.
RIBBON_PANEL_MINIMISE_BUTTON 0x10 Causes a (de)minimise button to be shown in the panel’s chrome (if the bar in which it is contained has the RIBBON_BAR_SHOW_PANEL_MINIMISE_BUTTONS style set). This flag is typically combined with RIBBON_PANEL_NO_AUTO_MINIMISE to make a panel which the user always has manual control over when it minimises.
RIBBON_PANEL_STRETCH 0x20 Allows a single panel to stretch to fill the parent page.
RIBBON_PANEL_FLEXIBLE 0x40 Allows toolbars to wrap, taking up the optimum amount of space when used in a vertical palette.

Events Processing

This class processes the following events:

Event Name Description
EVT_RIBBONPANEL_EXTBUTTON_ACTIVATED Triggered when the user activate the panel extension button.

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RibbonPanel This is the main implementation of RibbonPanel.
RibbonPanelEvent Handles events related to RibbonPanel.


IsAncestorOf(ancestor, window)