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A ribbon tool bar is similar to a traditional toolbar which has no labels.


It contains one or more tool groups, each of which contains one or more tools. Each tool is represented by a (generally small, i.e. 16x15) bitmap.

Events Processing

This class processes the following events:

Event Name Description
EVT_RIBBONTOOLBAR_CLICKED Triggered when the normal (non-dropdown) region of a tool on the tool bar is clicked.
EVT_RIBBONTOOLBAR_DROPDOWN_CLICKED Triggered when the dropdown region of a tool on the tool bar is clicked. LRibbonToolBarEvent.PopupMenu should be called by the event handler if it wants to display a popup menu (which is what most dropdown tools should be doing).

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RibbonToolBarEvent Handles events related to RibbonToolBar.


GetSizeInOrientation(size, orientation)