phoenix_title wx.lib.analogclock.helpers.Box

Gathers info about the clock face and tick sets.

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api Class API

class Box

Gathers info about the clock face and tick sets.


__init__(self, parent, Face, TicksM, TicksH)

Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.

Draw(self, dc)


GetNiceRadiusForHands(self, centre)


GetTickBorderColour(self, target)

GetTickBorderWidth(self, target)

GetTickFillColour(self, target)

GetTickFont(self, target)

GetTickOffset(self, target)

GetTickPolygon(self, target)

GetTickSize(self, target)

GetTickStyle(self, target)

RecalcCoords(self, size, centre, scale)

SetIsRotated(self, rotate)

SetShadowColour(self, colour)

SetTickBorderColour(self, colour, target)

SetTickBorderWidth(self, width, target)

SetTickFillColour(self, colour, target)

SetTickFont(self, font, target)

SetTickOffset(self, offset, target)

SetTickPolygon(self, polygon, target)

SetTickSize(self, size, target)

SetTickStyle(self, style, target)