phoenix_title wx.lib.evtmgr

A module that allows multiple handlers to respond to single wxWidgets events. This allows true NxN Observer/Observable connections: One event can be received by multiple handlers, and one handler can receive multiple events.

There are two ways to register event handlers. The first way is similar to standard wxPython handler registration:

from wx.lib.evtmgr import eventManager
eventManager.Register(handleEvents, EVT_BUTTON, win=frame, id=101)

There’s also a new object-oriented way to register for events. This invocation is equivalent to the one above, but does not require the programmer to declare or track control ids or parent containers:

eventManager.Register(handleEvents, EVT_BUTTON, myButton)

class_summary Classes Summary


A class that adapts incoming wxWindows events to


A class that provides information about event macros.


This is the main class in the module, and is the only class that


Used internally by the EventMacroInfo class. The FakeWindow is


A class that adapts incoming Publish/Subscribe messages