phoenix_title wx.lib.gestures

This is a class to add Mouse Gestures to a program. It can be used in two ways:

  1. Automatic: Automatically runs mouse gestures. You need to set the gestures, and their associated actions, as well as the Mouse Button/Modifiers to use.

  2. Manual: Same as above, but you do not need to set the mouse button/modifiers. You can launch this from events as you wish.

An example is provided in the demo. The parent window is where the mouse events will be recorded. (So if you want to record them in a pop up window, use manual mode, and set the pop up as the parent).

Start() starts recording mouse movement. End() stops the recording, compiles all the gestures into a list, and looks through the registered gestures to find a match. The first match associated action is then run.

The marginoferror is how much to forgive when calculating movement: If the margin is 25, then movement less than 25 pixels will not be detected.

Recognized: L, R, U, D, 1, 3, 7, 9

Styles: Manual (Automatic By Default), DisplayNumbersForDiagonals (Off By Default). Not Yet Implemented

The criteria for a direction is as follows: x in a row. (Where x is the WobbleTolerance). So if the WobbleTolerance is 9 ‘URUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURUURUUUU1’ is Up.

The higher this number, the less sensitive this class is. So the more likely something like 1L will translate to 1.

This is good, since the mouse does tend to wobble somewhat, and a higher number allows for this.

To change this, use SetWobbleTolerance

Also, to help with recognition of a diagonal versus a vey messy straight line, if the greater absolute value is not greater than twice the lesser, only the grater value is counted.

In automatic mode, EVT_MOUSE_EVENTS is used. This allows the user to change the mouse button/modifiers at runtime.

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