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phoenix_title wx.lib.ogl.basic

The basic shapes for OGL

function_summary Functions Summary

OGLCleanUp not implemented???
OGLInitialize Initialize OGL.

class_summary Classes Summary

CircleShape The CircleShape class is an EllipseShape whose width
ControlPoint The wx.ControlPoint class.
EllipseShape The EllipseShape class behaves similarly to the
PolygonControlPoint The PolygonControlPoint class.
PolygonShape The PolygonShape class shape is defined by a number of points
RectangleShape The wx.RectangleShape class has rounded or square corners.
Shape The Shape is the base class for OGL shapes.
ShapeEvtHandler The ShapeEvtHandler class.
ShapeRegion The ShapeRegion class.
ShapeTextLine The ShapeTextLine class.
TextShape The TextShape class like wx.RectangleShape but only the



not implemented???


Initialize OGL.


This creates some pens and brushes that the OGL library uses. It should be called after the app object has been created, but before OGL is used.