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Editra Control Library: PlateButton

The PlateButton is a custom owner drawn flat button, that in many ways emulates the buttons found the bookmark bar of the Safari browser. It can be used as a drop in replacement for wx.Button/wx.BitmapButton under most circumstances. It also offers a wide range of options for customizing its appearance, a description of each of the main style settings is listed below.

Main Button Styles: Any combination of the following values may be passed to the constructor’s style keyword parameter.

PB_STYLE_DEFAULT: Creates a flat label button with rounded corners, the highlight for mouse over and press states is based off of the highlight color from the systems current theme.

PB_STYLE_GRADIENT: The highlight and press states are drawn with gradient using the current highlight color.

PB_STYLE_SQUARE: Instead of the default rounded shape use a rectangular shaped button with square edges.

PB_STYLE_NOBG: This style only has an effect on Windows but does not cause harm to use on the platforms. It should only be used when the control is shown on a panel or other window that has a non solid color for a background. i.e a gradient or image is painted on the background of the parent window. If used on a background with a solid color it may cause the control to loose its transparent appearance.

PB_STYLE_DROPARROW: Add a drop button arrow to the button that will send a separate event when clicked on.

Other attributes can be configured after the control has been created. The settings that are currently available are as follows:

  • SetBitmap: Change/Add the bitmap at any time and the control will resize and

    refresh to display it.

  • SetLabelColor: Explicitly set text colors

  • SetMenu: Set the button to have a popupmenu. When a menu is set a small drop

    arrow will be drawn on the button that can then be clicked to show a menu.

  • SetPressColor: Use a custom highlight color

Overridden Methods Inherited from PyControl:

  • SetFont: Changing the font is one way to set the size of the button, by

    default the control will inherit its font from its parent.

  • SetWindowVariant: Setting the window variant will cause the control to

    resize to the corresponding variant size. However if the button is using a bitmap the bitmap will remain unchanged and only the font will be adjusted.

  • python2.4 or higher

  • wxPython2.8 or higher

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PlateButton is a custom type of flat button with support for