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events Events Emitted by this Class

Handlers bound for the following event types will receive a parameter.

  • EVT_MEDIA_LOADED: Sent when a media has loaded enough data that it can start playing. Processes a wxEVT_MEDIA_LOADED event type.

  • EVT_MEDIA_STOP: Sent when a media has switched to the MEDIASTATE_STOPPED state. You may be able to Veto this event to prevent it from stopping, causing it to continue playing - even if it has reached that end of the media (note that this may not have the desired effect - if you want to loop the media, for example, catch the EVT_MEDIA_FINISHED and play there instead). Processes a wxEVT_MEDIA_STOP event type.

  • EVT_MEDIA_FINISHED: Sent when a media has finished playing in a Processes a wxEVT_MEDIA_FINISHED event type.

  • EVT_MEDIA_STATECHANGED: Sent when a media has switched its state (from any media state). Processes a wxEVT_MEDIA_STATECHANGED event type.

  • EVT_MEDIA_PLAY: Sent when a media has switched to the MEDIASTATE_PLAYING state. Processes a wxEVT_MEDIA_PLAY event type.

  • EVT_MEDIA_PAUSE: Sent when a media has switched to the MEDIASTATE_PAUSED state. Processes a wxEVT_MEDIA_PAUSE event type. ^^

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Default constructor.

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Possible constructors:

MediaEvent(commandType=wxEVT_NULL, winid=0)

Event MediaCtrl uses.


__init__(self, commandType=wxEVT_NULL, winid=0)

Default constructor.

  • commandType (wx.EventType) –

  • winid (int) –