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phoenix_title wx.propgrid.FontProperty

Property representing wx.Font.

class_hierarchy Class Hierarchy

Inheritance diagram for class FontProperty:

method_summary Methods Summary

ChildChanged Called after value of a child property has been altered.
OnEvent Events received by editor widgets are processed here.
OnSetValue This virtual function is called after m_value has been set.
RefreshChildren Refresh values of child properties.
ValueToString Converts property value into a text representation.

api Class API

class wx.propgrid.FontProperty(PGProperty)

Possible constructors:

FontProperty(label=PG_LABEL, name=PG_LABEL, value=Font())

Property representing Font.


__init__(self, label=PG_LABEL, name=PG_LABEL, value=Font())
  • label (string) –
  • name (string) –
  • value (wx.Font) –

ChildChanged(self, thisValue, childIndex, childValue)

Called after value of a child property has been altered.

Must return new value of the whole property (after any alterations warranted by child’s new value).

Note that this function is usually called at the time that value of this property, or given child property, is still pending for change, and as such, result of GetValue or m_value should not be relied on.

Sample pseudo-code implementation:

  • thisValue (PGVariant) – Value of this property. Changed value should be returned (in previous versions of wx.propgrid.PropertyGrid it was only necessary to write value back to this argument).
  • childIndex (int) – Index of child changed (you can use Item(childIndex) to get child property).
  • childValue (PGVariant) – (Pending) value of the child property.
Return type:



Modified value of the whole property.

OnEvent(self, propgrid, wnd_primary, event)

Events received by editor widgets are processed here.

Note that editor class usually processes most events. Some, such as button press events of TextCtrlAndButton class, can be handled here. Also, if custom handling for regular events is desired, then that can also be done (for example, wx.propgrid.SystemColourProperty custom handles wxEVT_CHOICE to display colour picker dialog when ‘custom’ selection is made).

If the event causes value to be changed, SetValueInEvent should be called to set the new value.

The parameter event is the associated wx.Event.


return True if any changes in value should be reported.

Return type:bool


  • If property uses choice control, and displays a dialog on some choice items, then it is preferred to display that dialog in IntToValue instead of OnEvent.


This virtual function is called after m_value has been set.


  • If m_value was set to Null variant (ie. unspecified value), OnSetValue will not be called.
  • m_value may be of any variant type. Typically properties internally support only one variant type, and as such OnSetValue provides a good opportunity to convert supported values into internal type.
  • Default implementation does nothing.


Refresh values of child properties.

Automatically called after value is set.

ValueToString(self, value, argFlags=0)

Converts property value into a text representation.

  • value (PGVariant) – Value to be converted.
  • argFlags (int) – If 0 (default value), then displayed string is returned. If wx.propgrid.PG_FULL_VALUE is set, returns complete, storable string value instead of displayable. If wx.propgrid.PG_EDITABLE_VALUE is set, returns string value that must be editable in textctrl. If wx.propgrid.PG_COMPOSITE_FRAGMENT is set, returns text that is appropriate to display as a part of string property’s composite text representation.
Return type:



Default implementation calls GenerateComposedValue .