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phoenix_title wx.ribbon.RibbonScrollButtonStyleΒΆ

The RibbonScrollButtonStyle enumeration provides the following values:

Description Value
wx.ribbon.RIBBON_SCROLL_BTN_LEFT Button will scroll to the left.
wx.ribbon.RIBBON_SCROLL_BTN_RIGHT Button will scroll to the right.
wx.ribbon.RIBBON_SCROLL_BTN_UP Button will scroll upward.
wx.ribbon.RIBBON_SCROLL_BTN_DOWN Button will scroll downward.
wx.ribbon.RIBBON_SCROLL_BTN_DIRECTION_MASK A mask to extract direction from a combination of flags.
wx.ribbon.RIBBON_SCROLL_BTN_NORMAL Button is not active or hovered.
wx.ribbon.RIBBON_SCROLL_BTN_HOVERED Button has a cursor hovering over it.
wx.ribbon.RIBBON_SCROLL_BTN_ACTIVE Button is being pressed.
wx.ribbon.RIBBON_SCROLL_BTN_STATE_MASK A mask to extract state from a combination of flags.
wx.ribbon.RIBBON_SCROLL_BTN_FOR_OTHER Button is not for scrolling tabs nor pages.
wx.ribbon.RIBBON_SCROLL_BTN_FOR_TABS Button is for scrolling tabs.
wx.ribbon.RIBBON_SCROLL_BTN_FOR_PAGE Button is for scrolling pages.
wx.ribbon.RIBBON_SCROLL_BTN_FOR_MASK A mask to extract purpose from a combination of flags.