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wx.adv.WizardPageSimple is the simplest possible wx.adv.WizardPage implementation: it just returns the pointers given to its constructor from wx.adv.WizardPage.GetNext and wx.adv.WizardPage.GetPrev functions.

This makes it very easy to use the objects of this class in the wizards where the pages order is known statically - on the other hand, if this is not the case you must derive your own class from wx.adv.WizardPage instead.

See also

wx.adv.Wizard, Wizard Sample

class_hierarchy Class Hierarchy

Inheritance diagram for class WizardPageSimple:

method_summary Methods Summary

__init__ Default constructor.
Chain A helper chaining this page with the next one.
Create Creates the wizard page.
SetNext Sets the next page.
SetPrev Sets the previous page.

api Class API

class wx.adv.WizardPageSimple(WizardPage)

Possible constructors:


WizardPageSimple(parent, prev=None, next=None, bitmap=NullBitmap)

WizardPageSimple is the simplest possible WizardPage implementation: it just returns the pointers given to its constructor from WizardPage.GetNext() and WizardPage.GetPrev() functions.


__init__(self, *args, **kw)

overload Overloaded Implementations:

__init__ (self)

Default constructor.

__init__ (self, parent, prev=None, next=None, bitmap=NullBitmap)

Constructor takes the previous and next pages.

They may be modified later by SetPrev or SetNext .


Chain(self, *args, **kw)

overload Overloaded Implementations:

Chain (self, next)

A helper chaining this page with the next one.

Notice that this method returns a reference to the next page, so the calls to it can, in turn, be chained:

page3 = wx.RadioboxPage(wizard)
page4 = wx.ValidationPage(wizard)

wx.adv.WizardPageSimple.Chain(page3, page4)

This makes this method the simplest way to define the order of changes in fully static wizards, i.e. in those where the order doesn’t depend on the choices made by the user in the wizard pages during run-time.

Parameters:next (wx.adv.WizardPageSimple) – A not None pointer to the next page.
Return type: wx.adv.WizardPageSimple
Returns:Reference to next on which Chain can be called again.

New in version 2.9.5.

Chain (first, second)

A convenience function to make the pages follow each other.


# FirstPage is an instance of wx.adv.WizardPageSimple
firstPage = FirstPage(self)

Create(self, parent=None, prev=None, next=None, bitmap=NullBitmap)

Creates the wizard page.

Must be called if the default constructor had been used to create the object.

Return type:


SetNext(self, next)

Sets the next page.

Parameters:next (wx.adv.WizardPage) –

SetPrev(self, prev)

Sets the previous page.

Parameters:prev (wx.adv.WizardPage) –