wx.adv Functions

The functions and macros defined in the wx.adv module are described here: you can look up a function using the alphabetical listing of them.


wx.adv.AboutBox(info, parent=None)

This function shows the standard about dialog containing the information specified in info.

If the current platform has a native about dialog which is capable of showing all the fields in info, the native dialog is used, otherwise the function falls back to the generic wxWidgets version of the dialog, i.e. does the same thing as GenericAboutBox.

Here is an example of how this function may be used:

def ShowSimpleAboutDialog(self, event):

    info = wx.adv.AboutDialogInfo()
    info.SetName(_("My Program"))
    info.SetVersion(_("1.2.3 Beta"))
    info.SetDescription(_("This program does something great."))
    info.SetCopyright(wx.T("(C) 2007 Me <my@email.addre.ss>"))


Please see the Dialogs Sample for more examples of using this function and wx.adv.AboutDialogInfo for the description of the information which can be shown in the about dialog.


wx.adv.CreateFileTipProvider(filename, currentTip)

This function creates a wx.adv.TipProvider which may be used with wx.adv.ShowTip .

  • filename (string) – The name of the file containing the tips, one per line.

  • currentTip (int) – The index of the first tip to show. Normally this index is remembered between the 2 program runs.

Return type


wx.adv.GenericAboutBox(info, parent=None)

This function does the same thing as wx.adv.AboutBox except that it always uses the generic wxWidgets version of the dialog instead of the native one.

This is mainly useful if you need to customize the dialog by e.g. adding custom controls to it (customizing the native dialog is not currently supported).

See the Dialogs Sample for an example of about dialog customization.


wx.adv.ShowTip(parent, tipProvider, showAtStartup=True)

This function shows a “startup tip” to the user.

The return value is the state of the “Show tips at startup” checkbox.

  • parent (wx.Window) – The parent window for the modal dialog.

  • tipProvider (wx.adv.TipProvider) – An object which is used to get the text of the tips. It may be created with the wx.adv.CreateFileTipProvider function.

  • showAtStartup (bool) – Should be True if startup tips are shown, False otherwise. This is used as the initial value for “Show tips at startup” checkbox which is shown in the tips dialog.

Return type