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AdvancedSplash tries to reproduce the behavior of SplashScreen, with some enhancements.


AdvancedSplash tries to reproduce the behavior of SplashScreen, but with some enhancements (in my opinion).

AdvancedSplash starts its construction from a simple frame. Then, depending on the options passed to it, it sets the frame shape accordingly to the image passed as input. AdvancedSplash behaves somewhat like SplashScreen, and almost all the methods available in SplashScreen are available also in this module.


Sample usage:

import wx
import wx.lib.agw.advancedsplash as AS

app = wx.App(0)

frame = wx.Frame(None, -1, "AdvancedSplash Test")

imagePath = "my_splash_image.png"
bitmap = wx.Bitmap(imagePath, wx.BITMAP_TYPE_PNG)
shadow = wx.WHITE

splash = AS.AdvancedSplash(frame, bitmap=bitmap, timeout=5000,
                           agwStyle=AS.AS_TIMEOUT |
                           AS.AS_CENTER_ON_PARENT |


None of the options are strictly required (a part of the bitmap parameter). If you use the defaults you get a very simple AdvancedSplash.

Methods and Settings

AdvancedSplash is customizable, and in particular you can set:

  • Whether you want to mask a colour or not in your input bitmap;
  • Where to center the splash screen (on screen, on parent or nowhere);
  • Whether it is a “timeout” splashscreen or not;
  • The time after which AdvancedSplash is destroyed (if it is a timeout splashscreen);
  • The (optional) text you wish to display;
  • The font, colour and position of the displayed text (optional).

Window Styles

This class supports the following window styles:

Window Styles Hex Value Description
AS_TIMEOUT 0x1 AdvancedSplash will be destroyed after timeout milliseconds.
AS_NOTIMEOUT 0x2 AdvancedSplash can be destroyed by clicking on it, pressing a key or by explicitly call the Close() method.
AS_CENTER_ON_SCREEN 0x4 AdvancedSplash will be centered on screen.
AS_CENTER_ON_PARENT 0x8 AdvancedSplash will be centered on parent.
AS_NO_CENTER 0x10 AdvancedSplash will not be centered.
AS_SHADOW_BITMAP 0x20 If the bitmap you pass as input has no transparency, you can choose one colour that will be masked in your bitmap. the final shape of AdvancedSplash will be defined only by non-transparent (non-masked) pixels.

Events Processing

No custom events are available for this class.

License And Version

AdvancedSplash control is distributed under the wxPython license.

Latest revision: Andrea Gavana @ 19 Dec 2012, 21.00 GMT

Version 0.5

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AdvancedSplash AdvancedSplash tries to reproduce the behavior of SplashScreen, with