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FancyText – methods for rendering XML specified text

This module exports four main methods:

def GetExtent(str, dc=None, enclose=True)
def GetFullExtent(str, dc=None, enclose=True)
def RenderToBitmap(str, background=None, enclose=True)
def RenderToDC(str, dc, x, y, enclose=True)

In all cases, ‘str’ is an XML string. Note that start and end tags are only required if enclose is set to False. In this case the text should be wrapped in FancyText tags.

In addition, the module exports one class:

class StaticFancyText(self, window, id, text, background, ...)

This class works similar to StaticText except it interprets its text as FancyText.

The text can support superscripts and subscripts, text in different sizes, colors, styles, weights and families. It also supports a limited set of symbols, currently times, infinity, angle as well as greek letters in both upper case (Alpha Beta... Omega) and lower case (alpha beta... omega).

>>> frame = wx.Frame(wx.NULL, -1, "FancyText demo", wx.DefaultPosition)
>>> sft = StaticFancyText(frame, -1, testText, wx.Brush("light grey", wx.BRUSHSTYLE_SOLID))
>>> frame.SetClientSize(sft.GetSize())
>>> didit = frame.Show()
>>> from guitest import PauseTests; PauseTests()

function_summary Functions Summary

GetExtent Return the extent of str
RenderToBitmap Return str rendered on a minumum size bitmap
RenderToDC Render str onto a wxDC at (x,y)

class_summary Classes Summary

DCRenderer Renders text to a wxPython device context DC.
Renderer Class for rendering XML marked up text.
SizeRenderer Processes text as if rendering it, but just computes the size.


GetExtent(str, dc=None, enclose=True)

Return the extent of str

GetFullExtent(str, dc=None, enclose=True)



RenderToBitmap(str, background=None, enclose=1)

Return str rendered on a minumum size bitmap

RenderToDC(str, dc, x, y, enclose=1)

Render str onto a wxDC at (x,y)

RenderToRenderer(str, renderer, enclose=True)