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phoenix_title wx.lib.floatcanvas.FCObjects

This is where FloatCanvas defines its drawings objects.

function_summary Functions Summary

ComputeFontScale Compute the font scale.

class_summary Classes Summary

Arc Draws an arc of a circle, centered on point CenterXY, from
Arrow Draws an arrow
ArrowLine Draws an arrow line.
Bitmap Draws a bitmap
Circle Draws a circle
ColorOnlyMixin Mixin class for objects that have just one color, rather than a fill
DotGrid An example of a Grid Object – it is set on the FloatCanvas with one of
DrawObject This is the base class for all the objects that can be drawn.
Ellipse Draws an ellipse see RectEllipse
Group A group of other FloatCanvas Objects
Line Draws a line
LineAndFillMixin Mixin class for objects that have both a line and a fill color and
LineOnlyMixin Mixin class for objects that have just a line, rather than a fill
PieChart This is DrawObject for a pie chart
Point A point DrawObject
PointSet Draws a set of points
PointsObjectMixin A mixin class that provides some methods suitable for use
Polygon Draws a polygon
Rectangle Draws a rectangle see RectEllipse
RectEllipse A RectEllipse draw object.
ScaledBitmap Draws a scaled bitmap
ScaledBitmap2 Draws a scaled bitmap
ScaledText ##fixme: this can be depricated and jsut use ScaledTextBox with different defaults.
ScaledTextBox Draws a text object
Spline Draws a spline
SquarePoint Draws a square point
Text Draws a text object
TextObjectMixin A mix in class that holds attributes and methods that are needed by
XYObjectMixin This is a mixin class that provides some methods suitable for use



Compute the font scale.

A global variable to hold the scaling from pixel size to point size.