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phoenix_title wx.lib.pubsub

Pubsub package initialization.

copyright:Copyright since 2006 by Oliver Schoenborn, all rights reserved.
license:BSD, see LICENSE_BSD_Simple.txt for details.

package_summary Packages Summary

core Core package of pubsub, holding the publisher, listener, and topic
utils Provides utility functions and classes that are not required for using

module_summary Modules Summary

policies Aggregates policies for pubsub. Mainly, related to messaging protocol.
pub This is the main entry-point to pubsub’s core functionality. The pub
py2and3 Utilities for writing code that runs on Python 2 and 3
setuparg1 Setup pubsub for the arg1 message protocol. In a default pubsub installation
setupkwargs Setup pubsub for the kwargs message protocol. In a default installation