Frame with standard menu items.

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class Frame(wx.Frame)

Frame with standard menu items.


__init__(self, parent=None, id=-1, title='Editor', pos=wx.DefaultPosition, size=wx.DefaultSize, style=wx.DEFAULT_FRAME_STYLE, shellName='PyCrust')

Create a Frame instance.

LoadSettings(self, config)

Called by derived classes to load settings specific to the Frame

OnAbout(self, event)

Display an About window.

OnActivate(self, event)

Event Handler for losing the focus of the Frame. Should close Autocomplete listbox, if shown.

OnAutoCompleteDouble(self, event)

OnAutoCompleteMagic(self, event)

OnAutoCompleteShow(self, event)

OnAutoCompleteSingle(self, event)

OnAutoSaveSettings(self, event)

OnCallTipsInsert(self, event)

OnCallTipsShow(self, event)

OnClear(self, event)

OnClearHistory(self, event)

OnClose(self, event)

Event handler for closing.

OnCopy(self, event)

OnCopyPlus(self, event)

OnCut(self, event)

OnDelSettingsFile(self, event)

OnEditStartupScript(self, event)

OnEmptyBuffer(self, event)

OnEnableAutoSympy(self, event)

OnEnableShellMode(self, event)

OnExecStartupScript(self, event)

OnExit(self, event)

OnFileClose(self, event)

OnFileNew(self, event)

OnFileOpen(self, event)

OnFilePrint(self, event)

OnFileRevert(self, event)

OnFileSave(self, event)

OnFileSaveACopy(self, event)

OnFileSaveAs(self, event)

OnFileUpdateNamespace(self, event)

OnFindClose(self, event)

OnFindNext(self, event, backward=False)

OnFindPrevious(self, event)

OnFindText(self, event)

OnHelp(self, event)

Display a Help window.

OnHideFoldingMargin(self, event)

OnIconize(self, event)

Event handler for Iconize.

OnPaste(self, event)

OnPastePlus(self, event)

OnRedo(self, event)

OnSaveHistory(self, event)

OnSaveHistoryNow(self, event)

OnSaveSettings(self, event)

OnSelectAll(self, event)

OnShowLineNumbers(self, event)

OnShowPySlicesTutorial(self, event)

OnToggleMaximize(self, event)

OnToggleTools(self, event)

OnUndo(self, event)

OnUpdateMenu(self, event)

Update menu items based on current status and context.

OnWrap(self, event)

SaveSettings(self, config)

Called by derived classes to save Frame settings to a wx.Config object